Deborah P. Dixon

Deborah P. Dixon (UK PI) is driven by an interest in the ideas, concepts, ethics and politics of both poststructuralist and feminist theories, but is very much grounded in case study analysis of monstrous, media and marginal geographies, topics which overlap time and again in often unexpected ways. In her work she explores the conceptual and methodological possibilities afforded by these theoretical framings.

Deborah’s work, which is of most relevance to this project, is her research into film and media as well as her interest in the monstrous. Recent research into this later area of interest has seen Deborah undertake a residency with SymbioticA, the artistic laboratory located at the University of Western Australia, where she was able to consider both the aesthetics and the politics of bio-art creation.

Deborah is also an editor for the journal Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, which publishes six issues a year. She greatly appreciates the collaborative process of knowledge production and has undertaken research projects with colleagues at the University of Arizona (John Paul Jones III, Sallie Marston), East Carolina University (Holly Hapke, Emily Selby), the University of Texas-Austin (Leo Zonn), San Diego State (Stuart Aitken), the University of Toronto (Sue Ruddick) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Keith Woodward).


Deborah P. Dixon

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