Project Impacts

Our research aims to support funding agencies, practitioners and art-sci collaborations by contributing to our understanding of how 'lessons learned' can be transposed into other contexts, thereby developing and realizing models for innovation, collaboration and public outreach at different sites. As interdisciplinary, collaborative projects, funded by both public and private foundations and occurring both inside and outside the bounds of the academy become more widespread, our project will offer a model for investigation and a baseline for assessing their effects and effectiveness. 

Specific outputs include case studies of organizations and of artists, and papers published in a range of geography, art, science, and other academic venues as well as publications dedicated to broader-audiences, including funding agencies. 

Our research engagements will serve as a study of the development of innovative strategies for collaboration and knowledge transfer and for the delivery of popular education devoted to timely, policy-related issues of the larger public interest.

In its final form, this project will aid in the mapping of a broad network of emerging resources for further collaborations across the humanities and social and physical sciences, and as such will itself be a resource for both researchers and funding agencies seeking to develop new directions in research collaboration.

If a deeper thread running through all these projects be discerned, it may be a new phase in science-art relations that has the ability to transform the way we train students, organize universities, and disseminate knowledge.