Sallie Marston

Sallie Marston, (PI) explores the interactions of politics and culture with a particular emphasis on the complex ways "the state" negotiates this relationship. In her work she investigates a range of issues, practices and objects from ethnic, gender, and sexual politics to the politics of domesticity.

Her work, as well as that of her students, has emphasized the everydayness of state practices from desire, love and marriage to citizenship, militarism, nationalism and violence. The work most relevant to this project includes research on film and video as well as employing popular media to teach complex social theory.

Sallie also supervises the graduate-run, you are here: a journal of creative geography, which is now in its twelfth year of publication. She also writes fictional short stories and screenplays that take as their subject people’s everyday experiences of the state from gay marriage to war.

Sallie has had visiting appointments at the University of California, Berkeley and Queen Mary University of London, and is an Honorary Professor at the National University of Wales, Aberystwyth.


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Sallie Marston

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